IWR: Experience of Tradition

For over 10 years, International Water Recycling has been marketing products to save and improve water successfully.

In many areas of our lives, the demand for quality has risen. Consequently, the so far almost unlimited trust in the quality of our drinking water must also be questioned.

The food industry, for example, has for a long time used complex filter and cleaning systems to be able to take into account the rightly so strict conditions. On this basis, experienced engineers developed household-conforming systems, which are affordable and extremely effective.

IWR-Deutschland also promises you "simply better water". Be pleased.

Cause to be afraid: applicable or not applicable?

Do you know the state of inside your water pipes?
Do you know how expensive repairs can be?

One thing is however certain: with corresponding filter systems, you effectively protect yourself against the so-called "pipe infarct". Because rust and limescale build up slowly in the pipes. This can be compared to vessel deposits in our bodies.

Pipe check gives security

Ask about our cheap inspection of your domestic water supply pipes.
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Save, improve, enjoy water